Wednesday, 28 July 2010


so i was going through my eMails earlier tonight. and i i'd had a few from LCS, (little chimp society) but really hadn't bothered to read them. but the most recent one was titled. (the last email before the exhibition.) so i clicked on it and to my delight, all giddy like a school girl, i find out that some work that i had sent as part of the second MailMeArt exhibition is going to be displayed. and further more. be sold hopefully.

To be completely honest I had forgotten about the the whole thing. its was just some painting i did on a jiffy bag in he first year of uni when i should have been working on something else, like my actual work. But anyhoo, at least this mean i don't feel like i've been waisting my summer. despite the fact it was something i did when i was waisting the time that mattered.

I've woken up now too, i've spent the last two days lounging about playing Limbo & Dragon Age. a game made up solely of parts to make girls think that your sad (still pretty good game though, even if my character is crossed eyed, and marched into most room declaring I AM MIKEYPANTS! nad this is my war hound, CrunchBite)

The plan is to be getting on with that Bloody oil rig picture. to a web comic on Inception, a PSA on why Mini chedders are better that wotsits. and someother stuff i said i would do. what ever that was.

i'll be quiet now.
love love

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