Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Some People are Just Nice,

Busy busy busy little mikey pants.

So i've been working on a lot of stuff this week, currently writing a scripts for a short story that will hopefully be made into a graphic novel, The premiss is at a carnival 5 strangers get attached to a balloon with a portaloo hanging underneath , then float away only to distant land, in a alice in wonderland/mirrormask type place that is run by fascist teddybear dictatorship.It currently rips off alot of thing, so i'm trying to tone that done before i let anyone else see it. So along with that are some character designs. and key visuals that i'm thinking of and so on. that currently on the go.

As well as this i've been working through a number of Photoshop tutorials, how to play the ukulele, pay bills, build a website, start a dissertation and a project proposal for next semester,
along with another digital painting on the way, here be a snip-it.

In other news
So that picture that I did about two weeks or so ago, Jamie Ibarra, the Photographer's who's work inspired the picture, sent me an email.

I had removed the picture from DA because i was getting grief over its similarities to the original, (ignoring the fact that i'd linked it to the original and put up screen grabs of my working process, and used his work for reference) And he was enquiring after it. this at first got me all nervous but, he went on to tell me that he really liked it, and he'd like a copy to show Lauren the model that posed for the original picture.

So after send him the file, as a thank you he sent me a copy of his album. hence the title of this blog, because some people are just nice.
mike xx

p.s. you should go watch Brothers Bloom, its good

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