Thursday, 17 March 2011

Train Part2 ; Shangri-la

I tell a lie, its not 157 images its bang on 200.

Well at least it will be with parts one and three included, but for now, i'm focusing on part two, Each one is a short story that can be read on its own or collectively to give an entirely different story. Written by Richard Standen as short films originally (because I can't write for love nor money, The colouring and style is heavily influenced by Zhang Bin, someone who's work is absolutely stunning, also because painting everything as realistically as possible is way beyond my capabilities in this time frame and what with deadlines looming I've got to crack on. Subsequently I've been painting in greyscale and overlaying the colour and textures. Seems to be working for the moment, but i really want to go back a do all this properly at a later date. Could be something special if I put the effort in.

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