Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The Chat Roulette Project

So after a delightful evening see what Chat roulette had to offer, we can to the conclusion that Chat Roulette is potentially one of the greatest(and most disturbing) things on the internet at the moment. To get people attention we offered to draw the people that we met while we talked to them, by the time that we had run out of things to say, a little sketch was done. show it and be on our way to the next exhibitionist or something.

So from these sketches, the plan is to do portraits, partly to improve my ability to speedpaint in Photoshop and partly as a starting point for some sort of Chat Roulette Project. creating sustained studies of passing moments, meeting with people that you'll never have again. once i've done a load i'll stick them together into a final piece.

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